Tips For Hosting A Great Ice Cream Social

SweetPea Plant-Based Ice Cream Pints in front of a teal blue background!

Ice cream socials are back and better than ever! The weather is warming up, which means you now have a reason to host an event centered around ice cream! We recommend making your event inclusive for all palettes by serving SweetPea. Our chickpea based, non-dairy ice cream is smoother than any other alternative. Follow the steps below to host an ice cream social your friends will be talking about all summer.

Best Ice Cream Social Flavors

When hosting an ice cream social, the first step is to pick your base flavors. If you want your toppings to be center stage, we suggest sticking to classics such as chocolate and vanilla.

Try these inclusive SweetPea classic flavors:

  • 3 Parts Chocolate – This plant-based ice cream is one that any chocoholic will adore! With chocolate chunks and chocolate swirls, it’s like a full on party in your mouth. You may need a few pints of this, as it will surely be a crowd favorite.

This flavor is vegan, non-dairy, plant-based, soy free, and gluten free!

  • That’s a Mean Vanilla Bean – We do this classic flavor right. This creamy vanilla has layers to its taste with vanilla bean seeds as well as our natural vanilla flavors. 

This flavor is vegan, non-dairy, plant-based, soy free, and gluten free!

So now that we have our base flavors, you gotta mix it up and include a few fun flavors to elevate your sundaes! Why not try:

  • Hello, Cookie Dough! – This ice cream is an honorary classic and an ode to childhoods spent licking cookie dough from the bowl. (Wait, we still do that.)

This flavor keeps it inclusive by being vegan, non-dairy, and plant-based!

  • T.G.I Pieday Raspberry – For all the fruit lovers, this sweet twist on a classic dessert is sure to please. With pieces of pie mixed in with vanilla ice cream and raspberry flavors, what more could you want?

This flavor is non-dairy, plant-based, and soy free!

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Next, it’s topping time! To make your ice cream social guests feel extra included, ask them to bring their favorite toppings to share! This will allow for each person to have their favorite combination. Also, this will give you all the opportunity to swap topping favorites with each other and hopefully find a new favorite pint-topping combo!

Another topping-related tip is to make your own menu! Help your indecisive friends out by creating a few combos that are sure to please. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • PB & J with a twist: Top our T.G.I Pieday Raspberry pint with a drizzle of peanut butter, or any nut butter, for a fun twist on a classic childhood snack!
  • Chocolate dream: Combine our 3 Parts Chocolate pint with M&M’s and Rolos for a hint of caramel!

Ice Cream Social Final Thoughts

Another tip for having the best ice cream social is to organize the spread. Think of it a bit like a charcuterie board of just toppings. Make sure you cover all our bases by including sweet, salty, fruity, healthy toppings, and decadent toppings for all different taste buds!

Our last tip is to try keeping it inclusive! Offering topping options that are non-dairy, plant-based, gluten free etc. can be a great way to make sure all your guests feel included. (Some of our favorite plant-based treats are vegan whipped cream and plant-based nut butter.)

We hope that you use these tips and have a tasty ice cream social! Make sure to follow us @sweetpeawow and tag us in your ice cream social pics! Bon appetit!



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