Easing Into A Plant-Based Diet

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Changing your diet can be scary. Whether you are cutting down sugar or quitting processed foods, any change to what you are putting in your body may affect how you feel. And when you think about feeling differently, that can have you backing out before you even get started! But, hey, nothing happens overnight. SweetPea believes it is best to ease into things instead of canon balling directly into the deep in. So, if transitioning to a plant-based diet is something you have been mulling over, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up a few best practices for easing into a plant-based diet below!

Start With A Plant-Based Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the easiest meals to ease into a new routine with. If you want to take things slow in your plant-based diet journey, try starting out with a meatless breakfast. The following breakfast options will leave you full and satisfied without the addition of meat:

  • Egg casserole with veggies
  • Yogurt, fruit, and granola
  • Whole wheat muffins 
  • Meatless breakfast burrito

Once you get rolling, you may be ready for a completely plant-based breakfast every day! Hey, you might not even notice a difference! The breakfast ideas below are simple recipes to transition from a vegetarian breakfast to plant-based. Enjoy!

  • Smoothie with fruit, kale, and dairy free milk
  • Overnight oats
  • Chia seed pudding with fruit
  • Avocado toast

Rotating In Plant-Based Dinners

Once you’ve conquered breakfast, you might be ready to introduce plant-based meals into your dinner lineup! Making this switch may be more difficult, so it’s a good idea to begin by rotating a few plant-based dinners into your meal plan. Maybe Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday are your plant-based days. Whatever works for you! Try to stick with simple meals for your plant-based dinner days so you don’t overwhelm yourself with the switch. We think the dinner ideas below are a great way to begin!

  • Black bean burgers
  • Buffalo cauliflower wings
  • Vegan fried rice
  • Tofu and bean chili
  • Vegetable curry

Plant-Based Dessert

We obviously believe that dessert is the most important, and enjoyable, meal of the day! This is an easy swap to make as SweetPea has you 100% covered in the plant-based ice cream category! If a plant-based diet is something you are considering, but you still want to be a little indulgent, swap any of our chickpea based flavors for regular ice cream, and you’ve made a step in the right direction!

However you decide to ease into a plant-based diet, we know you will enjoy it most with a pint of SweetPea for dessert (or any meal, we won’t judge)! Follow us on Instagram @sweetpeawow, and tag us whenever enjoying any of our plant-based flavors!



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