Vegan and Plant-Based Ice Cream: What’s the Difference?

Overhead view of three pints of SweetPea plant-based ice cream stacked in a pyramid on the beach

Dairy-free, gluten-free, Whole 30, keto, paleo, vegan, plant-based, mediterranean…WHAT?! We get it. Information overload. You want to be healthy, you want to do better, but sometimes it’s a big WTF moment. There is so much out there it can be hella confusing to understand what exactly you are putting in your body. So allow us to simplify what we mean when we say we have vegan ice cream and plant-based ice cream.

SweetPea is Dairy Free and Plant-Based

Let’s go back. Back to the beginning (cue Hilary Duff please!). SweetPea is dairy-free AND plant-based. Yes, sis. Every flavor. Dairy-free obvi means it is free of dairy! So no milk of any kind, cream, yogurt, butter, or cheese (too far?) will be found in our pints. At SweetPea, we know dairy does not agree with everyone, so we wanted to take that out of the equation! Your gut will thank you later. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Every pint of our delectable ice cream is also plant-based. Have we lost you? We know this is where things can start to get blurry…

What Does Plant-Based Mean?

Plant-based means a food that comes primarily from plants, but this doesn’t mean the item is vegan. Most ice creams start with a base of cream or milk, which means this will be one of the main ingredients. But SweetPea’s pints start with chickpeas! Being plant-based means our ice cream is made up of ingredients consisting largely of vegetables, grains, or other foods derived from plants and, in our case, that is the chickpea! So, when eating SweetPea, you are getting dietary fiber, a great source of magnesium, iron, folate and phosphorus, B vitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants—all because we are plant-based! Where was this all those years ago when you had to clean your plate of veggies before leaving the table?!

Does this Mean SweetPea is Vegan?

So you are vibin’ with plant-based…we hope. But now you’re wondering, does that go hand in hand with being vegan? We will lay it out for you: vegan and plant-based are NOT the same. Vegan means absolutely no animal products are used. Just because you don’t see any meat present does not mean something is vegan! Cheese, eggs, honey…these are animal products! 

SweetPea is dairy-free, and plant-based, but not 100% vegan. T.G.I. Pie Day Raspberry uses eggs in its bite sized pieces of pie crust and One ’N Only Cookies ‘N Cream is also not vegan. But remember, these ice creams are still plant-based. 

But have no worries, vegans! We have plenty of love to give! Our vegan flavors include the following:

We are for Everyone

The moral of the story here is SweetPea is for everyone! Whether you are vegan, plant-based, struggling with dairy, trying to make better choices, or just want to try something new, SweetPea has you covered! We know the food world can be intimidating, which is why the ingredients, nutritional info, and classification of each delicious flavor are listed on the pint and our website! So tell us, which flavor will you try first?



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