Fun Facts: A Round Up

hand holding a pint of SweetPea plant based ice cream in front of a mural of the sunset

We don’t know about you, but we love a random fact. Trivia night? We’re there. Jeopardy? Best believe that’s in our recently watched. A new docuseries? Done and done. This got us thinking it was time to combine our love of fun facts and plant-based ice cream. You’ve been educated on the history of chocolate ice cream, you know the tea on our flavor names, and you’re an expert on chickpeas. But what about SweetPea’s back story? Kick up your feet and pull a pint out of the freezer, sis. It’s time for a round up of SweetPea fun facts.

SweetPea has more ice cream per pint because it’s not pumped with air

Bet ya didn’t know most of those name brand ice creams you see in the freezer of your local grocery store are pumped with air. Ice cream is sold by volume, not weight, and air is free! Some brands also believe including air in the pint creates the silky, smooth texture, but not SweetPea! We have the texture on lock, so you will find nothing but ice cream filling your perfectly packaged pint.

SweetPea was founded because one of its owners is lactose-intolerant

One of the founders of SweetPea, Heather Romens, grew up in an ice cream household. Her family owned one of the most successful ice cream shops in Virginia Beach, Uncle Harry’s. But Heather couldn’t indulge in the all you can eat access everyone envied her for. Can you imagine the torture?! She finally had enough and wanted to solve this problem for everyone who struggled with dairy. Cue SweetPea. Thank you Heather!

It took 35 tries to get That’s A Mean Vanilla Bean right

So much for vanilla being basic, am I right?! When it comes to vanilla, there are no “extra” ingredients that play a part in the flavor. This means it is important to determine the perfect type and amount of vanilla bean to add. A big reason for it taking so many tries was using different types of vanilla flavorings, extracts and vanilla bean inclusions to find the perfect mix. Who knew vanilla had it in her?

It only took one week for SweetPea’s carton design to be decided

When you know, you know.

Eating SweetPea is environmentally friendly

In our own way, we are doing our part to help Mother Earth. Let’s break it down. Dairy production contributes 18 percent of human-produced emissions. That’s more than ships, planes, trucks and all other transportation combined! As a non-dairy alternative, chickpeas release nearly three times less greenhouse gas emissions. Even more reason to pick up your spoon!

More flavors to come

We aren’t done yet! Think combination flavors, more classics, sweet and light, fruity and rich. Ok we are drooling…

Now that you know a little more about us, we hope you enjoy your SweetPea even more. Tell us in the comments which fact surprised you the most?! 

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