An Ode to Vegan Ice Cream

Two hands holding a pint each of SweetPea plant-based ice cream, clicking them together like drinking glasses.

Happy World Poetry Day! In case you live under a rock, World Poetry Day is March 21st! In honor of the day, we’re celebrating by sharing a few poems of our own! These linguistic masterpieces/odes to vegan ice cream pay tribute to three of our bestie flavors. ✨

Mint Chocolate Freckle

Can we get a vibe check for Mint Chocolate Freckle

the queen of green with the chocolate speckle?

She’s anything but basic, 

non-dairy ice cream, that’s the real sick.

She’s a rebel, a maverick, 

our cheeky lil chick

Lick after lick but never an ick. 

When we say she slaps

we mean it, no caps.

Mango Tango

Mango Tango, the G.O.A.T,

with that non-dairy, she’s anti-bloat. 

With every scoop, my taste buds go cray,

a tropical treat that’s straight-up slay.

Juicy mango, so fresh and fire,

bffr you just gotta buy her. 

Mango Tango, a flavor straight bussin’

we’re breakin’ a sweat, she’s getting her flex in’ 

you’ve never met an ice cream so main character

not chalky, no aftertaste, not another non-dairy trickster

That’s A Mean Vanilla Bean

Fam, lemme tell you about That’s a Mean Vanilla Bean

non-dairy ice cream,

a flavor so fresh and so clean,

the true CEO of the one-two punch

with enough protein to make you crunch

with every scoop, my taste buds are goin’ in

a creamy classic treat, a win-win-win 

simple and classic, yet oh so lit

non-dairy vanilla, now that’s legit

a flavor that’s rich and smooth,

a treat that’s high key always the move

she’s lactose-free, and that’s just fire,

we could eat it every day, you gotta try her.

So here’s to you, That’s a Mean Vanilla Bean,

You’re the non-dairy ice cream queen.

Anywayyy, we would call all that main character energy but honestly, that’s just what our non-dairy, unbelievably creamy vegan ice cream is. It’s the main character worthy of all the poems. Mouth-watering for any of these flavors yet? Find SweetPea near you then leave us one of your odes to vegan ice cream in the comments! Or better yet, head over to our Insta @sweetpeawow and leave your masterpiece of writing there!



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