SweetPea is Going Coastal: Non-Dairy Ice Cream Coming to a Retailer Near You

Man holding pint of raspberry sweetpea non-dairy ice cream in front of ocean mural.

The day is finally here!

You’re going to start seeing our very un-dairy ice cream IN STORES!

Yeah, you heard that right. Reaching ice cream enthusiasts on both coasts, SweetPea is now available at Lowes Foods and Vallarta Supermarkets. Get ready to enjoy all the unbelievably creamy, protein-packed, half the calories, half the fat, all the taste, non-dairy ice cream all summer long! Because really, what is summer without ice cream? 

Lowes Foods locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as Vallarta Supermarkets in Los Angeles and Southern California are the first in their respective markets to dip their toes in the water and swim on the plant side. Like our SweetPea co-founder Heather Romens says, “It’s an honor to have Lowes and Vallarta featuring SweetPea, as they’re both supermarket retailers we highly respect.”

Nothing but the best for the best, right? Let’s dig in. 

Lowes Foods sets out to break the mold of the standard supermarket and create a distinctive grocery shopping experience. We couldn’t think of a better place to launch our plant-based ice cream in all its mold-breaking, original glory! The Vallarta mission? To serve the community with respect and pride, providing authentic, traditional fresh products for the whole family. That’s a mission we can get our non-dairy pint of ice cream behind! 

Whether you live near these grocer locations or not, SweetPea is soon to be in markets near you—packing a chick-punch with its chickpea power.

Gone are the days of having to pick up different summer treats for all the different needs your family has. This summer, you can stock your fridge with just one dessert for all your friends and family because our plant-based ice cream checks all the boxes. SweetPea has:

  • Gluten-free ice cream – for your gluten-intolerant squad
  • Non-dairy ice cream – for your lactose-intolerant peeps
  • Vegan ice cream – for your best mates
  • Soy-free ice cream – for your partners in crime
  • Protein packed ice cream – for your gym-rat swole friends

Seriously, this ice cream is a power move. There’s something for everyone! You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and we all know that’s pretty much the same thing. We’re seeing all the clear blue skies, warm sunny days, and sweet memory-makin’ family time in your future!

If you don’t live near a Lowes Foods location in North or South Carolina, or near a Vallarta Supermarkets location in Los Angeles and Southern California, no worries! Not only can you order SweetPea online at www.sweetpeawow.com but SweetPea will be available in even more stores nationwide over the next few months. 

You can also request SweetPea at your local grocery store by visiting our website and clicking “Ask Your Grocer To Carry SweetPea!” So, stay tuned and stay hungry because we are working hard to get SweetPea flying off the shelves and directly into your hands no matter where you live!

We double-dog-dare you to get through our flavors without your mouth watering because trust us, we can’t! SweetPea’s nine instant-favorite flavors include: 

Tell us, when you are rolling down the frozen desserts aisle this summer, which SweetPea flavor are you going to choose?



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